Gräsgårds hamn
Gräsgårds harbor
The harbor is at a perfect walking distance from Gammalsbygården. Once upon a time a lively gathering place for the inhabitants of the surrounding villages. Unfortunately, it has calmed down considerably since then, but there are still fishermen here, and in summer you can buy both fresh fish and get some food, such as fish & chips. To the north, the harbor borders a nature reserve.
Eketorps fortress
Eketorps fortress is an ancient castle from the Iron Age located on Stora alvaret on southeast Öland. Eketorp was built by the original Iron Age population around the year 300 AD. - during a period when the inhabitants had close ties to the Roman Empire. One theory is that ring forts at this time were a religious, party or courthouse. At the same time, the fortification protected the locals when enemies invaded. The castle was expanded considerably in the 5th century and has had changing functions over time; from former defensive ring fort to camp for a cavalry garrison. During the 20th century, Eketorp was reconstructed.
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