Picture gallery

The main building

This is the main building where you check-in and where the restaurant is.


On the backside lies the garden where our honey bees live, and where we farm herbs, berries, flowers and greens.


In the main building is a lounge where you are welcome any time. Here are books, games or you can enjoy a nice cup of coffe.


Here is two beutiful sofas designed by famous swedish designer Carl Malmsten.

The courtyard

A view over the courtyard, with the old stable in sight.


In the old stable we sometimes have events, like wine tastings or talks given by interesting persons.

The restaurant

Have a seat in our 170 year old long-sofa, and we hope you will enjoy the dinner.

Brew house

In the old days, sheets and carpets where washed here and the beer where brewed.


Take a cup of coffe and sit down in our lounge and enjoy the beautiful surroundings.

The garden

In the garden we grow vegetables, herbs and spices. Fruit trees adorn the view and our bees live here.

Taste of Öland

Our own cured pork loin from Öland, served with a herb cream with spices from Öland and fried St. George's mushrooms, picked on fields of the Alvar.