Welcome to Gammalsbygården. A unique old farm from the 1850s that greets you with an abundance of roses, fine limestone buildings and a peaceful environment. With us, the soul rests. Here you live in fourteen rustic, individually decorated rooms. All rooms have a toilet, shower and free wifi. Have breakfast or enjoy a glass of wine under the apple tree in the sun. Stroll in the garden or take a walk to the nearby Gräsgård harbor. In the evening we offer dinner prepared from scratch and with ingredients from the countryside. The love of good food and pleasant company is important to us! Gammalsbygården is located in the middle of the Öland agricultural landscape, a world heritage, and is perfect to start from when you want to explore the ’Alvaret’, birdlife, or go down to Ottenby and visit the tallest lighthouse in Sweden, Långe Jan. Surrounding farms make the countryside alive.

The rooms

Welcome! The beds are newly made with cool, comfortable sheets when you arrive, and all 14 rooms have their own toilet and shower as well as a TV, perfect to learn some Swedish, and free wifi.

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The restaurant

Please be seated in our lovely restaurant! Like the old-fashioned guest houses, we serve well-cooked food every night from 18.30, with a wide range of beer, wines and non-alcoholic beverages.

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What to do

You come to southern Öland for the fantastic nature, the sea and the tranquility. Here you have time to finish your thoughts! We are happy to help you choose destinations that may suit you, we have good knowledge of the local area.

Some suggestions

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